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Unified Financial Plan

If you were the head coach of an NFL team, could you win the championship with just Peyton Manning? He was a great player, arguably one of the greatest of all time, but he could never take on the Patriots without the help of star teammates like Marvin Harrison or Reggie Wayne. If we apply this thought process to your life and financial goals, as a full-service wealth management firm we believe you have the most to gain by blending investment advice, financial planning and real-life goal setting.

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Investments keeping you up at night?

Find your Risk Number® now.

At Southern Capital, we are not just concerned with helping you achieve your goals, but also with helping you reach those goals in a way that is appropriate for you. One of the ways we accomplish this is by ensuring that your portfolio risk is adequate to meet your personal goals while not exceeding your capacity and tolerance for risk. To assist us with this process, we utilize Riskalyze, an award-winning risk alignment software. Riskalyze generates a personal risk number to pinpoint how much risk you want, how much risk you need to take to reach your goals, and how much risk you have in your portfolio.

Find Your Risk Number®