A Letter of Instruction: Guidance for Your Heirs

As part of your estate  plan, you should also include a letter of instruction to provide guidance to your heirs when you die or become incapacitated. A letter of instruction provides the information that does not necessarily fit into a Will, Trust or other components of an estate plan.

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Common Issues with Distribution of Estates

As we plan for our clients and for the ultimate distribution their estates, it may be beneficial for us to share some of the common issues that we encounter in an effort to help you identify issues that may need to be addressed:

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Important Estate Planning Tools

Estate planning is perhaps the most difficult piece of the financial planning process for most of our clients.  While there is an aversion to discussing death and disability, it is still critical that you have a well thought out plan to pass on what you have accumulated. The process can be complex so here are some basics to consider.

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