Important Estate Planning Tools

Estate planning is perhaps the most difficult piece of the financial planning process for most of our clients.  While there is an aversion to discussing death and disability, it is still critical that you have a well thought out plan to pass on what you have accumulated. The process can be complex so here are some basics to consider.

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Welcome to Uncharted Territory!

Welcome to uncharted territory. That sounds exciting if you are planning a summer vacation or wanting to go somewhere on your bucket list but is potentially unsettling when it comes to your life savings. Unemployment numbers have multiplied rapidly, and COVID-19 has shutdown vast sections of the world economy – and we do not yet know how deep or how long the effects of this virus will last. All we can do is look at other shocks to our economy and make educated guesses as to how this one might compare. Half of the fourteen (14) bear markets in the S&P 500 since 1929 have experienced peak losses of 30% or less. The peak loss (so far) in this downturn is 34%. It has been quick and sharp. It is worth noting that the previous two bear markets were considerably greater than the average.

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